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January 16, 2011

[Kim Hyun Joong]
Korean:김현중 Chinese: 金賢重
SS501 Leader
Birthday: 1986/06/06
Talents : guitar, piano

[Heo Young Saeng]
Korean: 허영생, Chinese:許永生
SS501 Prince
Birthday: 1986/11/03
Talents: Piano, voice intimation

[Kim Kyu Jong]
Korean: 김규종, Chinese:金奎鐘
SS501 Center
Birthdate: 1987/2/24
Talents: Magic

[Park Jung Min]
Korean name: 박정민, Chinese: 朴政玟
Birhday: 1987/04/03
Talents : Tap dance

[Kim Hyung Joon]
Korean name: 김형준, Chinese: 金亨俊
SS501 baby
Birthday : 1987/08/03
Talents: fanciful constellation of talents

p/s : comel2 je an....geram btol

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5 comment

  1. bukan group mereka ni dah berpecah ke?
    everyone moved to solo and acting

  2. my hyun joong.. hehe
    yup dorang da berpecah rasenya..


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