#IELTSTips : IELTS Listening (Part 2)


Annyeong peeps. Today I will share with you some listening tips for IELTS. Tips - tips listening test ini diambil daripadaTarget Band 7 keluaran Simone Braverman yang sangatlah aku recommend dekat korang. Jadi hari ni, tips untuk listening dahulu, lepas ni, aku bagi lagi tips untuk reading, writing dan speaking. OKEY? Sabar. Listening is the least developed skill and you learn it. What you need to do to success for this test is keep practicing previous listening test so that you will understand the flow of tapes.

1. Typical listening task

  • Different task types come with different instruction, so if you see and remember them now, it will save your time later.

2. Eliminate
  • For multiple choice, the best strategy is by eliminating. Only one answer is correct, unless instruction say something else.
  • This strategy also for TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN.

3. Gap-fill strategy
  • Look at the words around the gap to understand what's missing a noun (like boy, toy, truck), an adjective (little, pretty, shiny) or a verb (stands, moves, looks)
  • Example : If you see a Noun before the blank "The boy is___", it means that it's missing Adjective or Verbs.
  • Once you picked a words, make sure read the whole sentence to be sure that it make sense.

4. "Chameleon" question
  • They might use different words with the same meaning to confuse you. It could be expressions or synonyms.
  • Example : The tape says "All the candidates have to fill an application form" 
  • Question : "The candidate must fill an application" - is it True/False/Not Given. 
  • Answer : True because 'have to' means 'must'

5. Watch out for traps
  • Trap Number One - Unexpected turn
    • You might hear speaker starting to say one thing and then, suddenly, continuing to something completely different.
    • Example : "I want to visit that gallery on Monday. No wait, I've just remembered that it is closed on Monday, so I will go on Wednesday"
    • Question is "when?"
    • Answer : Wednesday
  • Trap Number Two - Generalizations
    • You might hear speaker first give a list of things and then say them all in one word.
    • Example : "Well I like to swim, hike and camp - to be involve in outdoor activities"
    • Question : "What kind of activities...?"
    • Answer : Outdoor
  • Trap Number Three - Explicit answer choice
    • Example : The tape says "This course is a must for all the first year student, excluding foreign students'
    • Question : "All the first year students have to take this course"
    • Answer : False because there is an exception - foreign student

6. Check the grammar
  • Checking the grammar of your answer will give you an idea whether your answer is correct or not especially for task :
    • Gap-fill
    • Sentence completion

7. Use your time wisely
  • During the test, you have a little time between task. Use it to check and complete your answer.

8. Copy answer smartly
  • In Listening test, there is 20 minutes for the test and 10 additional minutes given to you to copy your answer to Answer Sheet.
  • Answer Sheet has 2 sides, Listening and Reading. Make sure you are writing on the Listening side
    • For multiple choice question and picking picture - just copy the letter of correct answer, don't circle it.
    • For sentence completion - just copy your answer, not the whole sentence
    • For True/False/Not Given - just copy T, F or NG (ok, yang ni aku cam confuse sikit, ada yang aku tengok tulis true false not given)
    • For Gap-fills - just copy the words you have choosen for the gap
    • For answer's written in short (like prof advise) - write the full version (professional advice)
    • Check all the answer

9. Answer Sheets

  • Some exercise
    • http;//ecl.polyu.edu.hk/IELTS/
    • http;//www.esl-lab.com/

YAY! Done with ten tips of ielts listening. Go to LISTENING TIPS PART 1 (click)

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