What's In My Bag?

Hye Everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I always read about 'what's in my bag?' article from other bloggers because I am really curious about seeing what kind of stuff people carry inside their bags. So, today I'm going to reveal what's inside my bag which actually a backpack. Hehe. I opted for a large bag/backpack to carry all of my essential include my laptop and smartphone.

First, let’s talk about my bag. It's my everyday bag guys, I bought this bag from SPAO at IOI City Mall. It has a lot of colours but to match with any of my outfit, I choose black because it is the best colour. Hahaha. Very simple design with 6 compartments. I put some keychain (dreamcatcher & unicorn keychain) to give a bit of colour to it. 

Here it is :

1. Xiaomi powerbank - Absolute essential because I always playing games in my smartphone and the battery is constantly draining.

2. Smartphone cable - Well, its for powerbank or in car charging.

3. Novel or something to read - In case I feel so bored with playing games, I read books.

4. Pen, marker pen & highlighter - To jot down anything that I want or remember 

5. Purse - I've been using this purse about 4 or 5 year, not a branded purse but I love it because it has a lot of compartments and I can fit my smartphone also.

6. Makeup bag - I'm not a makeup professional or whatsoever but I always carry it around so I can touch up my not very flawless face anywhere. Hehehe. 

7. Journal/Notebook - I need to organize my life.

In my makeup bag, I have a lot of beauty stuff but I don't use it all because I don't really like heavy makeup. Normally, on my face for casual day, I used primer (to cover my pores), bb cream (to add some tones), mascara (to define my eyelashes), eyeliner (masa rajin je), eyebrow (nak kasi nampak ada kening), blusher (to give more girly/fresh look), lipstick (make sure my face is alive) and concealer (tak guna sangat pun).

I always bring snacks like candy or biscuits to energize myself when I feel sleepy and also a mineral water. That’s it!

How about you, what’s inside your bags? Share it with me.

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