Top 5 Favourite Youtuber (2019)

Assalamualaikum/Hi everyone,

Today I'm going to share with you guys my favorite YouTuber that I always watched their contents, vlogs, follow their social media and others. I'm not a stalker btw, haha. I just really really love and adore about their lifestyle, culture, and routine. Last year, 2017, I already made a post about my Top 5 Favourite Youtuber, have you read it yet? If not, click here. I know you guys also have your own favorite Youtuber right? Don't forget to share with me okay? So here are they 

1. Q2HAN

Anyone know them? Please comment down below if you also one of their subscriber! We're Qtees guys!! I really really love them and enjoy every content from them. Btw, if you don't know them, they're Korean and twins youtuber, Qwon and Qjin. At first, it was so hard to recognize which one is Qwon and which one is Qjin, but as time goes by I can finally differentiate both of them. I bet you guys will too, hehe. Their contents are more to fashion and beauty, but sometimes they cook too. They're a vegan or plant-based diet so I would love to learn how to cook vegan food, eat vegan, or maybe being a vegan in Malaysia? I think that kinda hard because I love roti canai so much. Other than that, I also learn how to choose a more fashionable outfit, I also know more about H&M which I rarely shop there and other things. Btw guys, don't forget to check them out, I will link their social media below.

She is my all time favorite youtuber! Btw guys, she's already in my 2017 youtuber list too. I really really love how she created her youtube contents. I also know or learn about 10 steps Korean skincare from her and everything that I need to know about skincare, like how to properly clean or hydrate my skin, thanks to her. From her channel, I learned legit skincare things that I do not know ever in my life like I'm living under the rock for the past years. She now has her own skincare product with a collaboration with NEOGEN (Korean famous brand) which is Vita Duo Cream that has day cream and night cream. If you love to travel to Korea and wanna know where is the most Instagram worthy cafe or places, don't forget to watch her vlogs.

3. 李子柒

Ok, now this is very different 'genre' of youtube channel. I just found this channel I think November last year if I'm not mistaken. The first time I watched their video, I fall in love with all of their content. Guys!!! You must watch this!! This is totally nature things that you all need in life, cook something fresh from the field. I wish I live somewhere I can get everything naturally. But the title of every video is in Chinese but we can just translate them right? hehe. 


Ok, first, all three of them are different channel but they kinda have the same content. So I put them together because they were so good at skincare/beauty things. What I love about them is, you always get the latest trending beauty topics, beauty guidelines like how to access a proper skin care regimen to fight your skin concerns. If you guys have any concern with your skin, go check them out, all their content is very useful and their product recommendation also is good. They review a lot of different product in their channel. For soko glam, I personally love Charlotte Cho because she knows a lot about skin and recommends a good skin care regimen to all the viewers. So, go check them out!!



This is one of western youtuber that I like. What I like about Tati, she always works hard on trying every single product she had, she gave an honest review and did a test for each product for a day. That is awesome because at the end of the day if I want to buy a product I would like to know how was the product perform for 1 hour, 3 hours and etc. I love it when she tests it out like that, that how we see ''Ohh, this product oily after this few hours'' or ''this product will cause your skin to breakout'' anything like that. Other than that, she also tries Korean product to which I think not all western youtuber did that but she did. She has her own product/supplement which is Halo Beauty. I really want to try them but its hard to get it here in Malaysia. Btw, If you guys know heyitsfeiii, I like her too because she reviews a lot and her channel is awesome too.

Ok, that all for the list. What I can conclude from my list, I think I have a lot of concern about skin care and makeup. Hahaha. But I love them so much, go support their channel!! BTW, I will make a post about my favourite Malaysian youtuber later. So, tell me who is your favourite youtuber?

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  1. sy suka youtuber yg buat reaction pasal anime hehe

  2. apparently semua youtuber ni saya kenal! haha does it mean i watch too much youtube vids? haha


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