4 Easy Steps To Clean Make Up Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is important. Not only will get rid of acne-causing bacteria, but it will also prevent your makeup colors from getting mixed. If you have problem skin or acne, I’d definitely advise that you clean your brushes a little more than average person, you may notice an improvement. So here are what you need to clean your make up brushes.

Ingredients :

1. Vinegar (Any vinegar you have)
2. Dishwashing liquid or baby shampoo
3. Water

How to clean :

1. Put all ingredient (vinegar, dishwashing liquid, water) in a bowl.

2. Dip the brush into the bowl. As you can see, as soon as I dip the brush, all dirt from the brush come out instantly.

3. Swirl the brush. Then, rinse the bristles under lukewarm water after 5 minutes.

P/S : I recommend to wash the brush with baby shampoo after you guys done rinse the brush with water.

4. Pat the bristles dry and let the brush air dry.

Done! Since I don't have a lot of brushes so I frequently wash my brushes to avoid picking up bacteria to my skin that can cause acne. Washing your makeup brushes should be a regular part of your beauty routine.

So, if you have any special care of brushes, let me know in comment box below. Thanks!

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