Kata - kata hikmah yang dapat membangkitkan semangat.

1. Don't be the one who shames & scolds others for their wrongdoing. Always advise with compassion & sincerity. Leave the rest to the Almighty.

2. Love comes naturally. Hate is learned. It misleads, distorts the truth & erodes our senseof value. Choose to spread love & goodness always.

3. If only we remember how short this life is & how soon we will be a memory for all, we'd be more forgiving & less likely to hold grunges.

4. No one said this life was easy. At times, it can be rather rough. Cherish those who stood by you despite the odds. Forgive those who left.

5. Beware the pride & arrogance in you that credit yourself for all your successes but point a finger at others for your failures.

6. Don't just think about yourself. Be sensitive to the needs of others. Respect their time & busy schedule if you want the same for yourself.

7. Beware the one who's clever with words. He uses them to manipulate superficial people. Be among the wise who will not fall for such talk.

8. The one thing to dread most is your tongue. Using it wrongly can be the easiest way to incur sins. Guard it from rash, hateful & evil words

9. Don't chase fame. It's greed for attention. If addicted to it, you feel you can't be 'real' unless your experiences are recognized by all.

10. Learn to accept advice more so when given sincerely. Often we get angry & busy with defending ourselves that we can't see things clearly.

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