#MOVIEREVIEW : Why Him? (2016)

Why Him? is a comedy film directed by John Hamburg, written by Hamburg and Ian Helfer and starring James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Zoey Deutch, Megan Mullally, Griffin Gluck, and Keegan-Michael Key.


Zoey Deutch as Stephanie Fleming
James Franco as Laird Mayhew
Tangie Ambrose as Patty Dunne
Cedric the Entertainer as Lou Dunne
Bob Stephenson as Jerry in Graphics
Bryan Cranston as Ned Fleming
Megan Mullally as Barb Fleming
Zack Pearlman as Kevin Dingle
Griffin Gluck as Scotty Fleming
Jee Young Han as Marnie Dingle
Mary Pat Gleason as Joyce


Stanford student Stephanie Fleming invites her boyfriend Laird Mayhew over to "Netflix and chill". Shortly after, back home in Grand Rapids, Stephanie's dad Ned is celebrating his 55th birthday with friends and family at an Applebee's restaurant. During a slideshow presentation in his honor, Stephanie drops in via webcam to congratulate, when suddenly her boyfriend walks in on her and flashes the camera.

Ned Fleming is the CEO of a printing company that has been having a rough year. The company is in debt and is unable to close deals as their customers are increasingly having their printing done in China or switching to online ads. Ned talks to his coworker Lou Dunne about the incident from the previous night. Ned tells Lou that Stephanie wants the rest of the family to meet Laird, even though Stephanie never even mentioned having a boyfriend up until that night.

Stephanie's dad Ned is celebrating his 55th birthday but Stephanie's bf suddenly go into her room and .....

Stephanie wants the rest of the family to meet Laird

Scott love Laird 

Moose in URINE??! Haha

Laird built this bowling lane for Ned

Ned doesn't like Laird

Finally, Laird reveal the truth about Ned's company which his family never knew 

Laird proposing to Stephanie

Suddenly, KISS is there for celebrating their proposal and holiday

I like Laird, he's smart, weird and romantic at the same time. Hahaha. My opinion la kan, korang punya opinion ape? Tak boring sangat filem ni sebab banyak scene yang kelakar. Tapi rasanya memang sesuai untuk orang dewasa je filem ni, budak budak aku tak recommend sangat. Part yang makan kertas tu memang tak boleh blah. haha

Rating IMDB : 6.3/10
Rating : 7/10

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