#IELTSTips : IELTS Listening (Part 1)


Annyeong peeps. Today I will share with you some listening tips for IELTS. Tips - tips listening test ini diambil daripada Target Band 7 keluaran Simone Braverman yang sangatlah aku recommend dekat korang. Jadi hari ni, tips untuk listening dahulu, lepas ni, aku bagi lagi tips untuk reading, writing dan speaking. OKEY? Sabar. Listening is the least developed skill and you learn it. What you need to do to success for this test is keep practicing previous listening test so that you will understand the flow of tapes.

1. In general

  • Help yourself by start watching programs in english.
  • It is better than radio or audio books because you also see images that helps you understand the words you hear.

2. Teach yourself the words

  • Train your 'ear' to separate and understand the words you hear in the flow of a sentences. When training, take a recording of the news, lecture, television programs, movies or an actual IELTS Listening test and work with it.
  • First, listen, remember what you hear and stop the recording after each phrase. Even if you didn't understand the phrase, play it in your heas a couple of times.

3. Instruction
  • Read instruction carefully - it tell you exactly what to do with the information. Eg : ANSWER MUST BE IN 3 WORDS (means write exactly 3 words, because writing four or two will get you 0 score)
  • Note : when counting words - 'a' or 'the' counts as a word

4. Divide and concur
  • First thing you should do when the tape starts playing is understand which group of question you need to answer.
  • Eg : The tape says "Look at the question one to four". It means you have about 20 seconds to look at the question. Go over the question, read them and underline keywords.
  • Draw a line under question four, so you won't look further before its time.
  • You should be able to write one answer and listen to another

5. Distraction
  • Don't get confused by all the different voices you are going to hear. Eg : The background noise
  • Ignore the noise and listen for the answer.

6. Listen for specifics
  • As you listen, keep looking for description and details, such as places, dates, telephone numbers, opening hoursm years or transportations.
  • Write them on the margins of booklet as you hear them but don't know where to place them yet.

7. Answer as you listen
  • Write answer as you hear them, leave nothing for later because you will forget the sentences after you hear the tape.

8. Keep moving forward
  • A worst case scenario is you "loosing the sequence of answers" - to prevent that from happening, always look one or two question ahead.
  • Keep practicing, it will become natural and helps a lot.
  • If you missed the answer to a question, admit it and move to the next one.

9. Know you clues
  • The answer is usually pronounced louder and clearer, it is easier to hear and understand.
  • If you can't hear something clear, probably the answer is not there.

10. Spelling task
  • Practice a little spelling task to be prepared for it.
  • Eg : Record yourself those name, places or numbers and play it.

YAY! Done with ten tips of ielts listening.  IELTS Listening (Part 1) 

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