#BEAUTYREVIEW : Elianto Reveal Hydration Cleansing Oil

Hi everyone! Today I'm gonna share my experience with you guys one of my cleansing oil which is Elianto Reveal Hydration Cleansing Oil. For me, cleansing oil is important to melt away make up and deeply clean skin before clenser. It was on sale, so I think that why not I give a try. Have you guys try this? 

Packaging : 
It comes in transparent green bottle pump, very easy to get the amount that I want.

Scent :
Don't worry, it doesn't have any scent at all

Colour :
The oil is colourless

Texture :
The texture is not thick and runny.

Directions :
Gently massage onto skin in an upward motion, from neck to forehead. Rinse off with lukewarm water, pat skin dry and follow with toner and moisturiser.

Key benefits :

1. Elianto Reveal Hydration Cleansing Oil removes make-up and impurities with its formulation of sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil and isopropyl palmitate.
2. Combined with Vitamin E, soybean seed extract and aloe vera for their brightening and skin-strengthening properties, its gentle formula is free from parabens, mineral oil phthalates, SLS and SLES

Impression :
It does it's job to remove my make up easily. If you see the image above, my lipstick is removed in one swipe. But I think its a bit oily for my skin, maybe good for dry skin but not causing breakouts. I bought this at their store, you guys also can get it at their store or online.

Hope you enjoy this review! Thank you for reading~

Until the next post, stay gorgeous~

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