#BEAUTYREVIEW : Naruko NRK Konjac Mild Peeling Gel

Hi guys! Its MON-DAY! Yay! For today, I would like to review about peeling gel. This is my first peeling gel in my life ever, hahaha. This peeling gel is a Japan skincare brand.

Packaging :
It comes in a pink jar with a small spatula. I love the hygienic idea of this peeling gel packaging. Very big jar with a lot of gel inside it.

Scent :
It has a sweet scent.

Colour : 
The gel is colourless or transparent or no colour. Anything you wanna call it. Because the ingredient is Aqua.

Texture : 
The texture is very thick but watery like. I find it is a bit sticky after apply onto my face.

i'm sorry for this picture colour saturation -.-

Directions :
Take a cherry-sized amount and massage for 20 seconds in circular motion on dry and just cleansed face.

Impression :
This is my first time using a peeling gel and of course I'm very excited to experience this. Well, it is a good product because my skin is very dull and rough, this peeling gel helps in removes dead skin cells and reduce dullness and roughness of my skin. This peeling gel is suitable for all type of skin. I bought this gel at Watson for about MYR 29.90 I think, very affordable because it comes in a big jar and I don't know when I gonna finish it all. I consistently used this twice a week for a good result.

Hope you enjoy this review! Thank you for reading~

Until the next post, stay gorgeous~

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