Top 5 My Favourite Youtuber (2017)

Hi guys! Previously, I already wrote about my favourite youtubers in April 2016, I thought I'm gonna do it once a year but I think I can't help myself wanting to show you guys about this amazing people. So, this is the top 5 youtubers that I always wait for their video everyweek. I really love them all. 

1. Wengie

I've been watching her video for a year now I think but what I remember is she has about 400K subscriber that time. Now guys, she has over 4 million subscribers. I love how she talk, how pretty she is and everything about her. Previously, she always create a video about make up but recently her videos is about life hack and diy. I also watch her vlog which is Wengie's. Don't forget to subscribe and check out her videos for fun hacks! :)

She's Korean America. Very pretty and I love watching her video swatching about skincare and make up. Btw guys, I also put her video above about korean beauty secret and she talk about 10 steps skincare routine for acne prone and dry skin from The Little Book of Skin Care by Charlotte Cho. I got a lot of information about skincare and make up from her video. She also has vlog channel which is joanday. Go and be a subscriber now!

3. Zoella

I think a lot of people know about Zoella. She's so famous and she even have her beauty product. Check it here. I like how she talks with her accent. Maybe because I always heard like Malaysian english everyday so her accent is kind of refreshing for me. She has about 11 million subscriber  now which is a WOW. I like her recent videos about christmas treats and haul, I wish I get all those gift. Hahaha. She also has a vlog channel, MoreZoella. Be one of her subscriber okay?

I like robinbirrell channel because his video is full of prank. If you guys love to do pranks, go watch his video. You will absolutely love it and might get the ideas to prank your friends. I love their prank using a song lyrics, I hope I can do it to my friends, but all my friends is soo into music so they know all the lyrics. Hahaha.

5. TheBeautyBreakdown

Another beauty youtuber guys, I know I always love beauty things. Before I start, this beauty youtuber name is Morgan, I like her channel because she has a lot of skincare and make up tips. Not just that, she also vlog went she's travelling and she has a blog. Mostly in her video is about beauty things, so do check out her channel.

Okay, thats all for today. I will keep searching for top 5 list of my favourite youtuber, Hope you guys enjoy this article. If you have any recommendation for me, don't forget to comment down below. Thanks.

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