#BEAUTYREVIEW : Sephora Orchid Eye Mask

Hello, everyone! In today's post, I'm going to be sharing with you guys one of Sephora eye mask collection. I found this mask is so interesting and I'm excited to share them with you and see if any of you have tried these.

Packaging :
It comes in a very vibrant purple colour packaging. It is perfect for travelling. The sheet mask it self in curvy L-shape.

Scent :
It has a very light and nice floral scent. Not overpowering at all. You guys will like it too!

Colour : The colour of this sheet mask is white .

Texture : The texture of sheet mask is smooth. The essence is not sticky, a bit liquidy but did not drip.

Directions : 
-Remove the protective films from both white fiber patches.
-Position the patches under each eye area, as shown in the diagram on the packaging.
-Leave them on for 15 minutes then remove and gently massage any excess product into the skin.
-No need to rinse.

Impression :
This mask is quite expensive for a single-use sheet mask. I found that this mask helps in improving skin texture around my eyes for youthful and smooth look. I really like the packaging, very simple and travel friendly. It doesn't cause any irritation and very easy to use. I do feel a cooling sensation on my face the moment I put the mask on my skin. There is also leftover essense, so I apply the excess on my neck. Overall, I'm very happy with the result.

Hope you enjoy this review! Thank you for reading~

Until the next post, stay gorgeous~

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