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'Korean Wave' or 'Hallyu' is not something new for Malaysians, we have been exposed not only to their culture but also foods in their variety shows or kdramas. So today I want to share about my experience eating korean food at Mr Dakgalbi restaurant, it is one of popular korean restaurant in Malaysia. I've been eating in a lot of korean restaurant before but never try to blog about it, maybe next time I will because I love korean foods so much.

Dakgalbi refers to a Korean dish which generally made by stir-frying marinated diced chicken in chili pepper paste and sliced cabbage, potato, scallions, onions and tteok (rice cake). We went to Setapak PV128 outlet, easy to get parking even it always packed.

Mr Dakgalbi Menu

After we go through the menu, we decide to eat main course set for 2 pax which has Dakgalbi + Ramen + Rice and Cheese. Other menu looks very interesting tho but I think the one that we ordered is already enough.

This is how it look before and after they cooked it with ramen. Yummss!

Ok! Second round! TING TING! Hahaha. Next is rice with cheese and some leftover dakgalbi. I swear, I already full that time but we need to finish it no matter what.

This is the side dish we get exclude the drinks. If you can see under the cheese there is another plate right? That is the rice but I couldn't remember to take the picture of it because so excited to try the foods. They provide generous portion for 2 pax. Normally people will add cheese ring but not for me. If you're a cheese lover, don't ever try to forget the cheese ring, it is heaven.

It's quite interesting to see how your dish is being made in front of your eyes. I loved the taste, mildly spicy but a bit sweet for me. Portion? Daebak! We try to finish our dish but we can't, hahaha. I'm sorry. Next time bring 3 people for 2 pax. Their service is very fast, I always look out for other people reviews on their Facebook said that their service is slow but I don't know about other outlet. Overall, very nice and recommended for anyone who want to try or explore Korean foods.

Facebook: Mr. Dakgalbi
Business Hours: 11am - 11pm Daily
Tel: 03-74979786

Thanks for reading! Annyeong!

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