#BEAUTYREVIEW : Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water

Hi guys! It nice to see you guys again reading my beauty review. So todayy, I want to share about this beautiful mist spray that will change your life again. hahaha. I'm serious okay, this mist spray is a must-have product for my daily make-up. Its Bio-Essence miracle bio water. Let's start!

Packaging :
The packaging is so simple with a spray bottle. It comes in multi size but I have 100 ml bottle which is very easy to bring around everywhere.

Scent :
I didn't smell anything from this bio water.

Colour :
It is colourless

Texture :
The texture is like water.

Multiple Use :
This mist spray is not only for face but also for body, hair and babies.

Ingredients :
Aqua ( Miracle Bio Water) and Nitrogen

Love/Hate :
Normally I use this as a finish touch after make-up which set my make up and it will last longer . I have an oily skin but after using this mist spray, I found out it effectively controls oil on my face. My skin also become smooth. It is not expensive and very affordable, you guys can buy this mist spray at Watsons, Guardian and any pharmacy because it is easy to get it. Normally, they have a twinpack package which is much cheaper and reasonable than single bottle.

Hope you enjoy this review! Thank you for reading~

Until the next post, stay gorgeous~

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4 comment

  1. Ramai pulak trjebak dgn bio essence ni :) mek nk try la

    1. Memang best pakai ni, kulit alya takde breakouts pun.. Nanti try la ye :)

  2. wah brapa ek? ingat nak try jugak dengan gold water hihi

    1. twinpack 100ml kat watson rm40++, kalau 3botol 100ml dalam rm50++. Tapi depends juga sebab kadang kadang dorang sales kan :)


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