These were products I really wanted to try! I have been hearing a lot about the Innisfree No-sebum mineral powder lately. It is soo popular with a positive feedback from their user. It's amazing, it really is. I've been using the Innisfree No sebum mineral powder for a while now. So, I wanted to review this amazing product from one of my favourite brands. Anyways, I'm talking to much so let's get into the review.

Packaging : 
The packaging is in light green coloured jar with a simple design as all the Innisfree products are usually. It is so small and portable, easy to carry it around for touch-ups.

Scent :
I don't know how to describe about this but it has kind off citrus and herbal scent in it, quite nice actually.

Colour :
The powder is white in colour, however it turns translucent once it comes in contact with the skin, so I don't need to worry because it doesn't leave a white cast on my face.

Texture :
The texture is very-very fine and light. This is seriously the finest powder that I ever own. I love when I touch my face after apply this powder, my face feels smooth.

Puff :
The puff is so small and easy to use. I also found out that this powder puff is soft and I need to gently dab the powder onto my skin very nicely.

Multiple Use :
This small powder is a multitask powder. hehehe. Look below for what this small powder can do. Its a magic guys!

Love/Hate :
I love love this product because I have a combination skin and my skin normally very oily, this powder controls the amount of sebum, leaving a very glowy matte finish. The price is reasonable and sold at a lot of online webshops such as Hermo.My and Althea or you guys can check at their stores. Maybe a lot of people find the smell of this product is weird but I think it quite nice, citrusy and herbal scent. It didn't cause any breakouts and not clog the pores on my face.

Hope you enjoy this review! Thank you for reading~

Until the next post, stay gorgeous~

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