#BEAUTYREVIEW : Vaseline 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly

Hi everyone, for today i will be reviewing a very common product that everyone already know or maybe you guys already have it, its Vaseline Intensive Care 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly. This is the second lip moisturizing product that I have and I used this quite a while. I always wanted to buy this petroleum jelly but I think that I need to just use my IN2IT lip treat and yeay! finally I bought it. hehe

Packaging : 
It comes in a jar which is simple and has a blue lid with pale yellow bottom. I feel that this jar is quite unhygienic without a spatula. I bought 50g jar which is small and easy to put in my bag.

Scent :
There’s no fragrance in this petroleum jelly, which is good for anyone who do not like their skin care products to be scented.

Colour :
It is colourless.

Texture :
It has a nice and thick consistency.

Multi-Use :

  • Reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines
  • Helps protect minor cuts, scrapes and burns
  • Protects your skin from windburn and chapping
  • Relieves skin discomfort and irritation
  • Softens rough skin areas like elbows and knees
  • Moisturises lips to relieve chapping

Love/Hate :
What I love about this product is, its cheap and very affordable. It is available at any pharmacy which is very easy to get this product. I bought this petroleum jelly at Watsons and its only RM5 for 50g. I think 50 g can last for 1 year for only lip moisturizer but if you guys consistently use it, maybe it can last quite short because it can be apply at your body, hair and face. As a lip moisturizer, I give this petroleum jelly two thumbs up, it really help soften and smooth my lips. The only thing that I don't like about this petroleum jelly is no spatula for applying, maybe a small spatula can help to make it a bit hygienic.

Hope you enjoy this review! Thank you for reading~

Until the next post, stay gorgeous~

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8 comment

  1. ada jugak beberapa kenalan yang menggunakan Vaseline nie..
    so far,feedback positif...jadi produk ni mmg terbaik la..

  2. Cntik klau ltak balm. N bibir pn sehat. Mslhnya mls --'

    1. letak pada waktu malam sebelum tidur, pagi esok bibir smooth je

  3. bila kulit agak terasa kering, baru sibuk nk cari vaselin ni..hahhahahah
    biasa pakai kat bibir la.. pecah-pecah teruk kadang..

    1. memang bagus vaselin ni, macam macam kegunaan dia.

  4. wow, it is not working for me. make my lips drier. anyway, this is good multiuse product!

    1. maybe you need to try other brands lip moisturizer for better results.


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